Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ah Summer Holidays!

We have just returned from our holiday in beautiful Creston B.C.  We spent a week staying in a nice little house nestled into the side of a mountain just outside of the town of Creston.  Just 6 hours from home but it seemed like a world away.  It is a different pace of life in the Kootenay's.  For starters, you can't drive anywhere quickly without getting nauseous!  The theory is that the fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line right?  Well not when the road is built into the side of a curvy, twisty, hilly mountain! 

Though it took a lot longer to get from point A to point B, I wouldn't have had it any other way.  The longer drives gave plenty of opportunity to enjoy the stunning scenery and admire the divers roadside artisans!  I was amazed at how many people in the Kootenay's have found a way to make a business out of what they love to do!  I'm quite certain their home-based business' also allowed them plenty of time to enjoy all the Kootenay's have to offer!  We saw everything from soap makers to artists, wood carving to U-pick fruit farms!  We purchased all natural soaps, fresh fruit, jams and syrups and could have spent an eternity browsing the beautiful artwork!

We did make a stop at a lovely little farm just on the edge of Creston.  We followed the signs that lead us to a cute little acreage where an older women dressed in oversized pants and a plaid shirt met us coming in.  She was so sweet and got us all set up to pick our own cherries!  Their yard consisted of rows and rows of leafy green trees, with cherries growing in large bunches!  I can't even imagine having fresh cherries growing in my own backyard!  They also had an array of other fruit trees though the nectarines and plums didn't survive a late spring frost. The cherries were the sweetest most delicious cherries imaginable!  And what a great experience for my girls to see exactly where the fruit we buy in a store really comes from.  It's something that is so easily taken for granted.  It was so nice for the little ones to pick the fruit right off the tree! 

It was a lovely holiday and so nice to find a quieter, slower, more patient pace of life so close to home.  I can see making the Kootenay's a regular holiday destination for our family.  There's no need to travel far and wide when such a serene destination is so close to home.

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